What this app does

The Feature Watch app makes it easy to collect and input feedback and feature requests in multiple ways within Intercom:

  • Capture feature requests directly from within Messenger.
  • Search for and create features on behalf of your Users while talking to them in Inbox.
  • Send links to newly created or existing features with one click inside of conversations.

What you’ll need

A Feature Watch account on Lookout Plan or higher.

How to set up the app

1. Install integration in Feature Watch

Navigate to Intercom section in Settings inside of Feature Watch and click Connect with Intercom button

2. Configure Default Board

After connecting Intercom you can configure the Default Board to be used when receiving features from within Messenger. We recommend that you use a private board in this configuration setting. If you want to be able to review and moderate any requests entered this way through messengers, this will be the best way.

How to use the app

1. Using with Messenger

Installing Feature Watch with Messenger will allow you to give your users or site visitors the ability to request features without having to talk to your support team.


Once this is configured, you will have a new option in your Messenger for your visitor or user to request a new feature.

This will allow direct entry for feature requests into your Feature Watch instance.

2. Using with Inbox

The Feature Watch Inbox widget will allow you to drop links to existing features directly into conversations or allow you to create new features on behalf of your user or site visitor, crediting them with feature creation.

To get started, click the Feature Watch logo in the conversation editor

From the initial screen, you can search for a feature and then click on a result to drop a card for it into the conversation. If you need to add a new feature, scroll to the bottom of the search results to find a Create new feature button

Clicking the Create new feature button will bring you to a form to enter a new feature.

From here you can select a board to add a feature to as well as the name and description. A couple things to note for this that are important. When a feature is created here from within a conversation view, the feature will be created on behalf of the user with whom you are conversing with. So they will be marked as the creator and automatically have an upvote applied and will be set as a watcher on the feature. If the lead or user does not have an email address in Intercom, the teammate entering the feature will be marked as the creator.